Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki, Finland – EUR

Technically, this was my second time in Helsinki or the airport at least. We (me and my sister) arrived at the airport after a 15 hours layover in Berlin (keep an eye peeled for that one!)

Finland has a special place in my heart. When I was in high school, we did something similar to a world expo and I was assigned Finland. I have to explain everything about Finland like for example, the capital, national animal, economy, history, currency (before they joined the EU) to every person that stop by and give them a flag as to show they have stop in Finland. It was a fun experience that has stayed with me.  It was exciting to finally experience the country I have talked so much about that day. 

I used AIRBNB to book all my stay except for Copenhagen, which we stayed in a hotel. In Helsinki, we stayed technically outside the city but closer to the airport. This wasn’t really a problem since we were really near a bus and tram stop (The Worker Class – Not a great name) . Transportation in Helsinki was very easy and tourist friendly. There are two tram line,  2 and 3 which technically takes you to all the touristy sightsee (It’s actually one but going up is one number and going down is another). We bought a day pass which allow you to take tram, bus, and subway, unlimited for 24 hours. It is the best way to roam around the city.

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Helsinki – Market Square

Our favorite area was the market. It was vibrant area filled with people, music, and foods’ aroma. We had lunch in one of the orange tend (all of them are orange) and had Salmon with potato (of course!). After walking around the market, we wandered off and walked to other areas without really paying attention where. We found many coffe places and restaurants and each of them were very unique and very inviting. Finnish people I found,  were very nice and polite despite all the stereotypes about them been very reserved and not talkative to strangers. In many occasions when I looked utterly lost, someone will ask me if I needed help. Most of them time, I did.  

Helsinki has a very strong coffee culture but not in a South American way but more like in a Starbucks way; Very popular and accessible. I wasn’t a fan of the coffe. Maybe I’m not used to Finnish coffee.

We stayed only for two days in Helsinki and on the second day we took a night cruise, Viking Cruise, to Stockholm.

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Lovely Coffe Shops

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Stop and Smell The Roses – Paris’ Version

Paris Louvre Museum II

When I was in Paris I noticed how people would sit everywhere and just read, draw, write, or just relax. It was nice to see how people enjoy themselves and I really wished I could do it as well. The only thing stopping me was my family. All they wanted to do was hit as many places as possible in the least amount of time. I on the other hand, only wanted to sit and enjoy Paris like a real Parisian.

The most interesting thing I noticed was at the Luxembourg Park. Parisians like to enjoy their lunch even if is just McDonalds. Parisians carrying their brown bag walking into the park in search of the perfect spot to sit and relax.


Las Ramblas – Barcelona

Las Ramblas - Barcelona Las Ramblas - Barcelona


This October, I finally had the chance to visit for the first time Paris, Helsinki, and Barcelona. Well Helsinki was more a layover but at least I can say, I was there. They were all extremely beautiful places but the one that stole my hear was, Barcelona. It was a combination of the city’s history, people, and food.

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