Guatemala By Food

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Experience Guatemala one bite at a time

What better way to learn about a country and their culture than by their food? Learn to eat the local way and you will not be disappointed.  The typical Guatemalan food feels simple but yet very elaborated. Their chicken soup will revive anybody from hangover or the flu. Breakfast with plantain? where do I sign up? They even have their own version of KFC: Pollo Campero.


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California By Mouth


It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t show you at least a glimpse of the food after talking non-stop about it. So here is my food experience in California. Like I said before, California by mouth is the best way to experience the culture how the locals do.

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Seoul Part III

Seoul delicious food!! It would be so easy to get FAT here but all the walking really helped. I could have easily gained 5 lbs!

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There were so many amazing coffee shop in Korea and so many more in the AIRPORT! The one that really got my attention was the Charlie Brown Cade. Look at this cuteness overload! I didn’t even want to eat it. The taste was just ok but it was so cute! IMG_0569


These deliciousness are from Paris Baguette. I came here almost everyday until I found a local small coffee shop. This place I love since I first came to Korea in 2008. So fattening  yet so delicious.

IMG_2283 IMG_2238 IMG_2216

This place was so lovely! It was really small (3 tables) but the decor was son cute. It had that local, indie coffee shop vibe. I came to this place everyday after I discovered it.


I had Jang Jang Myeon delivered so I could feel the complete experience. It was delicious and big and tasty and yummy! After I finished, I left the dirty dishes outside by the door and someone came to pick it up.



I got this from the local 7Eleven. This snack was so DAM GOOD! I even bought 2 bags to bring bag.

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Go the bakery yumminess from Paris Baguette and the coffee from 7 Eleven.

IMG_2030 IMG_2158


This airplane food that was actually good. I was not disappointed.  IMG_2029


And… Paris Baguette. IMG_1207

Good Ramen in Miami – A Paradox


Yesterday was one of those days where you go eat at a Japanese restaurant and you have one too many drinks and then the chef gives you some free, fresh, homemade ramen, and then gives you some more drinks. Does it happen to you often? No? Maybe? OK maybe not but it was definitely one of those nights where you don’t know where to go for dinner and end up in a restaurant you have never been to and it completely surprises you. So that’s what happened. I have been craving ramen so badly since I came back from LA. I used to have ramen every other week in different japanese places all over LA. Coming back, I missed the food and my regular doses of ramen. This place was a complete surprise: first the decoration it’s super cute and very Japanese classic style meet modern. Second, the food was actually pretty good! I have very high standards for food and for me, no Japanese restaurant in Miami has come remotely close to good. So good Japanese Ramen in Miami, it’s a paradox. But this place was good and it deserved a post on my blog. The soup base was really thick – which it’s a indication that it has been cooking for a while and we mean a while. The ramen was homemade, which I could tell as soon as I put it in my mouth. The pork belly was very tasty and tender. Please don’t drool all over your device. But it was as good as it gets. Does it compare to LA? yes, Does it beat some of the ramen I tried in LA? maybe. I will leave this one up for debate. If you have tried ramen in LA, NY, or even Japan, let me know what you think. I am really interested to know.

After I finished my ramen, I asked for the chef to congratulate him and to thank him for the delicious food. Which, I usually don’t do, actually, never do. We started talking about how much I love ramen and he was kind enough to offer me some ramen to take home! – I wanted the soup too but I was happy to take just the ramen. Now I have to figure out how to make soup tasty enough for this ramen!

Their Yelp Review – I stopped trusting Yelp’s reviews but doesn’t hurt to check it out once in a while.

Japanese classic style meet modern

Japanese classic style meet modern

Delicious ramen

Delicious ramen

Fresh homemade ramen

Fresh homemade ramen

Empty Sake Bottles

Empty Sake Bottles

Pork belly

Pork belly

From the outside

From the outside