Best View of Malibu for Photography

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Where Do I Get The Best View of Malibu?

There’s no such thing as The Best spot to view Malibu. There are however, a few places to take pictures of the beautiful coast. Here are my top two.

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Pacific Coast Highway or CA State Road 1

The easiest option to see the amazing view is the California State Road 1 aka Pacific Coast Highway. You can basically drive this highway from Southern California to Northern California and visit the beautiful area of Big Sur. You are guaranteed an amazing view. I could write a whole post about this but I won’t digress.

Once you hit Malibu on the PCH, an amazing view will start emerging. Just park on the side (clearly lined with cars) and enjoy. There are no meters or time limits just don’t leave it overnight. Avoid the parking lots ($7 – $10) if you can but during high season, it may be your only choice.

My favorite part was seeing the surfers getting ready (like a creeper) and heading down to the beach where they slowly, one by one swam away.

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Pepperdine University

Your other option is to drive to the campus of Pepperdine University. They also have an amazing view (just go to their website, check it out and you will see). However, a security guard guards the campus entrance and your entry will depend greatly on him/her. BUT if you are nice enough and tell them you are there to check the campus, they will usually let you in.


California By Mouth


It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t show you at least a glimpse of the food after talking non-stop about it. So here is my food experience in California. Like I said before, California by mouth is the best way to experience the culture how the locals do.

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Los Angeles, CA

I apologize for I have neglected this blog. As you may know, I went to LA and I can’t describe how nostalgic it felt. The food, the people, and the places I have missed so much. I missed LA so much, It felt surreal.

I went with my boyfriend which was his first time. There were so many restaurants I wanted to revisit that there were not enough meals a day to revisit them all. We tried but my boyfriend ate so much he actually got sick.  There was so much delicious food we didn’t know where to go.

We went to San Diego for a day and walked around the city enjoying the beautiful day. We also visited the Getty Museum which is an amazing place to spend an afternoon. You can even have a mini picnic there. I have seen people bringing food and even champagne! I’m not so sure about bringing alcohol into a museum but you get the point.

I was in LA for 6 days and here’s the breakdown of my expenses:


Car rental $245.25 Midway Rental (Highly recommended – it was near the airport and there was shuttle that took me back and forward)

Hotel $80 x 5 nights = $400 I stayed in Pasadena

Gas: $65 – From the cheapest gas station I found in San Gabriel

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LA LA Land

I lived in Los Angeles for almost two years and a half and I left it all behind almost two years ago. I have to say, I miss it. I miss the cheap but delicious Mexican food, the ultra sweet Vietnamese coffee, great Chinese restaurants that only take cash, great boba milk tea, the fact that I can drive one hour and be in a mountain to go  snowboarding, less than an hour dive to go to the beach, and their people, well only some of them.  I could live without the crazy Chinese drivers.

I love the Silver Lake’s Farmer’s Market, the Rose Bowl Market, delicious bakeries, all those good stuff.

Sorry for my bad pictures but they were taken a long time ago and barely knew how to use a point and shoot.

My next trip will be definitely LA. I miss it like fat kid misses chocolate.

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