I am a clash of cultures and I don’t say this lightly. I was born in South America, my parents are Asians, and I have lived in four different cities. I have absorbed so many cultures, I feel like I don’t belong anywhere and yet everywhere I go, I can identify a piece of myself.

I started traveling at a very young age with my family and later on after college, with friends or solo. When I travel, I don’t just visit all the touristy areas. I love to sit and breath in all the city smells, watch people walk by, eat what they eat, and see what they see.

I am not an English major nor a writer. English is not even my first or second language. I do however, speak 3 languages fluently (grammar is another topic) and 2 conversational (enough to survive while traveling).

I work hard so I can travel the world.

All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise. All copyrighted.