So where do I start? Happy New Year! – There, that’s how I start. 2014 I must say, was a wonderful year. It has its very high ups and very low downs. The Ups: I went to LA (part of my NY’s resolution), Bahamas, Guatemala, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and I basically traveled by cruise, plane, train, you name it. It was awesome! 2014 was the year I traveled the most. The downs? Health problems that almost put a damper on my travels and heart break but I’m good now and ready to roll for 2015!

Do you remember when I had a list of my 2014 New Year’s resolution? So this is how I fared:

My plan for 2014

  • Travel to Europe and California or anywhere out of the US – DID!
  • Finish several books – DID! I actually read 9 books!!
  • Take more pictures – I’m not sure if I did this but I have noticed my pictures are getting a lot lot better and I’m getting more technical about my photography so let’s just say DID!
  • Take more care of my finances – Although the travel expenses took a deep chunk out of this, managing my finances did help me sail the turbulent water of debt so DID!
  • I really want to blog more often – I’m going to give myself a DID! since I’m still writing on this blog and I managed to write more than just 1 post the entire year. I still haven’t finished posting about my trip to Scandinavia but I’m working on it.

Looks to me like a successful year!

So this is my resolution for 2015

  • Be in descent shape (as in be back to my regular weight and have some definition – that includes going to the gym! as cliche as this sound)
  • Once again to finish more than just one book
  • Travel outside and/or inside the US (Next weekend I will be going to LA and I have already plans for ICELAND! – More info coming soon on this)
  • Finish redecorating my apt – I tend to get lazy and not finish things so I made this into a resolution
  • Do a road/camping trip – I have always wanted to do this but never found anyone to sign up to the idea so this year is either to find someone or to go solo with my dog! <– She is a trooper so I might just take her with me.

What do you think?


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