Scandinavia – Update

I have abandoned this poor blog once again but I apologize. I have been going thorough many things lately including heartbreak and a “condition” that affects my whole body and state of mind at the same time. I wish I could say, “let’s not dwell in this sorrow” but I am. Hopefully everything will fall in place once again.

I haven’t done much lately but I finally have a schedule for my trip. The only thing I’m missing is to book my stay when I get to Berger, Norway and my plain ticket from Copenhagen to Helsinki to catch my flight back home. Everything is almost set. Except that I’m also missing the things I will be visiting in each city. The only thing I have for sure is Norway in Nutshell, which is a combination of method of transportations from Oslo to Berger.

I used Airbnb to book most of the places where I’m staying except for Copenhagen. This is my second time using Airbnb so hopefully it will all go well.

So this is what I have:

  • Arriving in Helsinki
  • Overnight cruise to Stockholm, Sweden
  • Train to Oslo, Norway
  • Norway in a Nutshell – Berger, Norway
  • Flight to Copenhagen
  • Flight back to Helsinki – Back to Miami

I wish I had more time to explore Norway in depth. There were so many places I want to go that I could not fit in. 4 days in Norway’s definitely not enough. I guess my next trip will be Norway and Iceland.

What do you recommend?

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