Los Angeles, CA

I apologize for I have neglected this blog. As you may know, I went to LA and I can’t describe how nostalgic it felt. The food, the people, and the places I have missed so much. I missed LA so much, It felt surreal.

I went with my boyfriend which was his first time. There were so many restaurants I wanted to revisit that there were not enough meals a day to revisit them all. We tried but my boyfriend ate so much he actually got sick.  There was so much delicious food we didn’t know where to go.

We went to San Diego for a day and walked around the city enjoying the beautiful day. We also visited the Getty Museum which is an amazing place to spend an afternoon. You can even have a mini picnic there. I have seen people bringing food and even champagne! I’m not so sure about bringing alcohol into a museum but you get the point.

I was in LA for 6 days and here’s the breakdown of my expenses:


Car rental $245.25 Midway Rental (Highly recommended – it was near the airport and there was shuttle that took me back and forward)

Hotel $80 x 5 nights = $400 I stayed in Pasadena

Gas: $65 – From the cheapest gas station I found in San Gabriel

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