Bahamas Here I Come!

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Bahamas Cruise

I have no more vacation days left from work (I’m going to LA in May and saving the rest for Europe). Stretching your vacation days with long weekends really helps. Some workplaces won’t allow it but if they do, take advantage of it (this should be a no brainer). So, what do I have left? Keep in mind, I live in Miami, three days cruise to Bahamas! Leaving 4;30 pm on Friday and returning Monday at 7 am. Let me tell you, I am NOT a big fan of cruises. I have always thought cruises are for retired people and families. Not for a world explorer like moi. Then, I thought, I AM a world explorer and anything that means leaving your county and border counties count! So here I am, getting ready for my three days cruise to the Bahamas with Royal Caribbean. I will suck it up to the bad food and overly cheese and touristy cruise, in exchange for a relaxing weekend and crystalline water.

I started writing this post before I went to Bahamas so now I am back…

Getting off the cruise to Coco Cay


Coco Cay

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Blue Lagoon

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I have to say, it wasn’t nearly as bas as I thought it was going to be. Food was ok, I mean I ate four times a day so there you go. The first night I felt overwhelmed with all the people and the rush (my plan was to relax). On the first night, I had a massive three-course dinner and went to the night show (it started very bad but the second part was surprisingly good) The next day we arrived to Coco Cay which is a man made island owned by Royal Caribbean. It wasn’t too bad, the water was clear and it wasn’t too busy so I got to take a nap and relax. At 3 I went back to the ship and got ready for another three-course dinner. The third day we arrived at Nassau and we (me and my sister) an excursion to Blue Lagoon (pay extra for this but it included transportation and food). The water was nice and clear. The only downside was the scheduling. The last ferry to your cruise leaves at 2:00 pm (it takes around 45 mins to get back), which is two hours before the cruise departure.  By the way, drinks are not included. You must BUY whatever drink you are going to have. The only time you get free water, Ice tea, or lemonade is during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They will try to push you to buy the bottle water but keep in mind that you could get water or ice tea for no additional extra charge. In total I spent:

Cruise $250

Drinks: $60 (I had to have orange juice and water during the day)

Excursion: $30

I think the price wasn’t bad at all since it includes room, food, and transportation (ferry and bus shutter) just food alone, I probably ate $200.

Service was excellent.

There’s a $20/day package (the basic water, juice, and coffee) which may be worth it but keep in mind that a bottle of water or juice cost $2.50 that means that you have to drink at least 8 bottle of water to make it worth it.

Now I know that any weekend that I want to get away, I have Bahamas.

I skipped all the “parties” and most of the activities. The only thing I did do was the night shows.


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