Guatemala, The Full Experience – PART III

Things to keep in mind:

  •  $1 = 7.8 Quetzal
  •  I went with my Guatemalan friend so I did not plan
  • All pictures were taken with FUJI X100S
  • No editing on any of the pictures

Day 4

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset








I woke up early and couldn’t wait to go out and start taking pictures. My room was on the first floor and had a sliding door that gives you access to the hotel’s beautiful garden. I was in such awe to discover such a beautiful garden with the two volcanos in the background. I couldn’t wait for my friend to wake up so I got ready and took off to the garden. I was really glad I woke up early that day because I got to shoot the volcano with barely any cloud covering them. It was just wonderful. I returned and had breakfast at the hotel restaurant and sat outside with wonderful view.



My view during breakfast.




All you can eat breakfast.


Loca fisherman.





Tourist Kayaking.






Off we go!


We rented a boat for 400 Quetzales from the Hotel to take us to Santiago. We were three so we divided the fee and the tip and it was worth it.We asked if we could go around the lake instead of a straight line and the driver was kind enough to drive us around. It was so worth it because I took enough pictures and I got to see all the wonderful houses around the lake, people kayaking, and the local fishermen in action. We tip the guy 50 Quetzales. He went to Santiago, a small but very tourist town. The boat waited for us and took us back around 4pm. If you are on a budget, you could probably get a ride for 20 Quetzales but you have to be aware of the time since they won’t wait for you.




After lunch we went to the other nearby town San Pedro. I was so surprised this town was more of a hippy backpacker utopia than a local town. Performers everywhere and locals won’t even bat an eye when they see random people singing and walking around without shoes. San Pedro was the only town I found the best souvenir. If you come to Guatemala, you will see backpacks, shoulder bags, and many other type of bag made of either leather of their fabric or huipil. But there was this little store that had the best quality and price I have seen. I was holding my spending to find the perfect item and I found it in this store. Don’t be afraid to negotiate! When they give you a price offer half. It may seen cheap to you (converted to USD) but they are ripping you off (unless you don’t mind).I didn’t take any pictures in this town but the main street is alive with restaurants, cafes, and bars.



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