How It All Started

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How It All Started

2008 was the year that changed my life. It was the year I discovered my passion for traveling. I had traveled before that to many places, China, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, and many more countries but never did I feel so alive like in 2008. Maybe because I was doing it on my own and with my own money and went where I wanted. There was a sort of freedom that nothing else can give you. In 2008, I went for the first time to Los Angeles, Korea and Italy, my second time to Japan, and maybe third time to Hong Kong (I will have a post about these trips). I spent 2 months in Los Angeles plotting my way to move there. I didn’t want to stay in boring Miami and it certainly gave me that thirst for somewhere new and different. Somehow I decided to go to Shanghai to study Mandarin after college graduation (Dec 2008).


I did a four month course in Jiaotong University (as I like to call it, Transportation University) and it was one of the best time of my life. THE BEST. I met so many amazing people and got to go back to Korea for a second time and Hong Kong for a couple more time. I even went to Zhangjiajie  in Hunan (Where Steven Spielberg got inspiration for Avatar) and it was amazing. Maybe the 24 hours-three bed bunker-toilet aka a whole on the floor train ride wasn’t so awesome but who cares? It was fun because the entire train car was filled with students. We play cards, drinking games, took pictures, met some locals, and I got see China ( another post coming about this). When I came back from Shanghai, Miami felt like the most boring place in the world. Bear in mind I didn’t actually live in Miami, more like the suburbia which is worse. If you asked me how it felt moving back to Miami, I would say kinda like doing heroin and then quitting (obviously I haven’t tried heroin or any illegal drugs but you get the point).  2009 was the year I traveled the most.


Tokio, Seoul, Hong Kong, Rome, Milan, Los Angeles


Seoul, Hong Kong, China (Shanghai, and all the cities I went through to make it to Zhangjiajie) Los Angels


Moved to Los Angeles


Busy year, only went to Miami during vacations


Moved back to Miami, Venezuela, Paris, Barcelona, Helsinki


New York, Soul


Plans: Guatemala, Los Angeles, Ireland (Most likely London and Paris too)

I have been to Asia more often than any other continent. I think this time, I will concentrate in other parts of the world. If you want me to elaborate in any of these places, let me know!


Picture: Hong Kong view with a ghost! JK 2008 Point and Shoot. Please don’t judge my pictures they are very very old.


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