Getting Ready For Trip No. I

If you haven´t read my previous two post, let me inform you, I´m going to Guatemala and Los Angeles! So of course I started thinking of things I want to take. My first and most important thing is my camera. Which one should I take? The T3i? is too heavy to carry around. The Canon S90? I don’t get the results that I want…

Then, I started researching to see if there was an option between these two and behold FUJI X100S!! (I know, I have been hiding under a rock). After researching obsessively and this only fueled my infatuation with this camera, I can safely say I F#$*# want it.

Do you have the X100S? What do you thing about it? I would REALLY appreciate your opinion. I want to have enough arguments to justify a $1300 purchase. SILVER or BLACK?

These are some reviews I found about FUJI X100S.

link, link, link, link, link, link,

I will be posting a follow up.


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Trip No. I

    • In Between Pictures says:

      I just revisited your blog and remembered leaving the comment. I went to Santiago from Panajachel in a little boat. It was the best part of my whole trip. Just enjoying the view of the volcanos. I’m still writing about my trip and havent gotten to panajachel and santiago. Let me know what you think! I apologize in advance for my writing.

      • Lynn Jackson says:

        I look forward to it. It didn’t take me long back in Florida to miss Guatemala and the friends I acquired there. Hope you had as great a time as I did.

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