Ticket Booked! – Los Angeles


I finally got my ticket to LA!! I am extremely excited to go back, as I like to call, home. I wil get to see all my friends I left behind, eat until I lose consciousness, enjoy the excellent weather, hate on bad traffic, so many things I want to do! I know, I always go over and over about how much I miss LA, and I tend to go so on and on. I know, you are bored by now but be bored no more! I finally going and will be posting delicious pictures of LA  so you won’t feel left out. I speak the truth!

I´m excited to go to LA but what makes me more excited is that I will be going with my BF. He will finally see what I have been yapping about for 2 years. If you don´t know LA, you will get to see too! I´m planning to take pictures like I’m a big tourist and my life depended on it so don´t worry, you will get to see too.

Can’t wait! If you are wondering, my trip will be in May.

P.S. Don’t judge my picture. It was taken a long time ago with a point and shoot. Have mercy on me.


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