A Year of Travels

Every year I have in mind the places I want to go and which one I could actually go. This year however, I’m doing things differently.

Last weekend, I was invited to Guatemala and I said yes. You would say: Out of all the places on my “To Go List”, Guatemala? Clearly, that one wasn’t there. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Guatemala is a beautiful place (from what I have googled so far) but I have on my top places, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Japan, among others. Guatemala wasn’t even on my top 50. But hey why not? So far, all the pictures I have seen, Guatemala looks AMAZING. Aside from my fear of getting robbed, I am very excited to go.

What got me to say yes?

• Horseback riding
• Amazing view of a lake with two volcano
• Free stay
• Free food
• Amazing forest
• The opportunity to take amazing pictures
• The opportunity to go with a local

Now, I’m debating what camera to take. I have a Canon T3i and Canon S90. There are huge CONS and PROS on these two: Higher chance of getting robbed but higher quality pictures or lower chance of getting robbed but lower quality pictures. What would you choose? Take the chance? Rather go safe? What was your experience? I want to go as low key as possible.


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