Seoul Part III

Seoul delicious food!! It would be so easy to get FAT here but all the walking really helped. I could have easily gained 5 lbs!

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There were so many amazing coffee shop in Korea and so many more in the AIRPORT! The one that really got my attention was the Charlie Brown Cade. Look at this cuteness overload! I didn’t even want to eat it. The taste was just ok but it was so cute! IMG_0569


These deliciousness are from Paris Baguette. I came here almost everyday until I found a local small coffee shop. This place I love since I first came to Korea in 2008. So fattening  yet so delicious.

IMG_2283 IMG_2238 IMG_2216

This place was so lovely! It was really small (3 tables) but the decor was son cute. It had that local, indie coffee shop vibe. I came to this place everyday after I discovered it.


I had Jang Jang Myeon delivered so I could feel the complete experience. It was delicious and big and tasty and yummy! After I finished, I left the dirty dishes outside by the door and someone came to pick it up.



I got this from the local 7Eleven. This snack was so DAM GOOD! I even bought 2 bags to bring bag.

IMG_2178 IMG_2167 IMG_2306 IMG_1186 IMG_2051 IMG_2175 IMG_2165 IMG_2173 IMG_2099 IMG_2174 IMG_2096 IMG_2201 IMG_2105 IMG_2164 IMG_2200 IMG_2170 IMG_2203 IMG_2169 IMG_2153 IMG_2044 IMG_2045

Go the bakery yumminess from Paris Baguette and the coffee from 7 Eleven.

IMG_2030 IMG_2158


This airplane food that was actually good. I was not disappointed.  IMG_2029


And… Paris Baguette. IMG_1207


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