Seoul – Part I

Seoul is one those cities that I go back every other year like it was home (and no, I’m not Korean). There’s something about Seoul that makes me feel nostalgic when I’m not there. Could it be their people? their food? their culture?

Either way, this trip was the first trip I went all by myself. Not the first time taking a flight by myself but the first time traveling somewhere and be completely on my own for a week. It was very different but it felt great and empowering. I do however, have friends in Seoul.

My flight took off from Fort Lauderdale, layover in SF and then Seoul. I always try to flight from smaller airport like the Fort Lauderdale Airport even when is for international flights. I always compare prices but Fort Lauderdale seems to always beat Miami International Airport.

I flew with Virgin American to San Francisco and then Korean Air  to Seoul. It was my first time flying with them and it wasn’t bad but maybe my last long flight with FinAir was so awesome, Korean Air felt in comparison.

Korea Air Flight


I landed and the first thing I did was to search for free wifi, luckily Incheon Airport, one of my favorite airport, provides WIFI. Getting to the Apartment I booked through Airbnb from the airport was easy. Tip to self, if you carry more than just a carry on, don’t try to safe the $2 bucks difference between the subway and the airport limousine. I had to carry two luggages and drag it all over the subway station and go up and down the stairs. Just take the dam airport limousine.

The apt I booked was located a few steps away from the subway station, 7Eleven, hair salon, cute cozy coffee shop. It was also closed to  Wang Simi a  is a very busy area where you can also find the Airport limousine. The subway station was Sangwang Simi. 

Subway Station Munch


Cute Little houses by the apt


Local shoe store next to the apt


Subway Station entrance


Paris Baguette two blocks away





I spent most of my time shopping. I didn’t really care for sight seen since this was my fourth time in Korea and I have seen pretty much everything. However, my shopping got so out of control, I had to slow myself down and go sight seen.

One of my favorite place to shop is LOTTE FITTIN in Dongdaemun. The reason why I love this place is the clothing designs. LOTTE FITTIN is an outlet for up and coming designers from Korea and reasonably priced. They are also higher quality and the price is displayed. Unlike the other malls where they try to rip you off because you are a tourist. They tried to sell me a shirt for 80,000 Won (around $70) when I know that shirt probably cost 20,000 Won.  Hongdae also became overpriced. Another great location for shopping is Ewha/Edae the woman university area. Garosugil was not bad. Everywhere else was overpriced with all the tourist roaming around.



I got this from CuteinKorea. This really helped me when I was there.

These  guide1, guide2  to all the shopping area that really helped me.


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