Airbnb any one?


I’ve been browsing Airbnb for a while looking at the amazing places they have listed. I have imagined myself in every single city I’ve found a nice place and already created a list of places to visit or re-visit. I have finally booked a place through them for my trip to Seoul. Let just hope is a nice experience so I can keep using them for my future trips. Has anyone tried it before? What was your experience? I’m a bit worried since is the first time using it. Renting from a complete stranger worries me a bit but all the good reviews make me feel better. I have already contacted the host and she already confirmed my dates. Now I have to wait for her to confirm the booking to complete this process.

The place I found is near the subway station Sangwangsimi which is not bad. I don’t remember Korea too well since it’s been four years since I last went there. The room I found was for $56/night. There’s a booking fee but for the price it’s still cheaper than any hotel I’ve looked. Still cheaper than those “love hotel” I’ve stayed before that charges by hour or 80+ for the night. Maybe there are cheaper places and nicer looking but I’m too lazy to look online and guess what they say on their website.

I need to start getting a list of the things I need to do as soon as I get there like getting the transportation pass but I will post the list and more details as I plan. Have you been to Seoul? any place I need to add to my must-visit list?


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