Ticket Booked!

Ok, after months of complete abandonment, I finally made time to book the ticket. I’m going to Seoul!!!! Now all I need to do is to plan it. I am looking for a place at airbnb but I’m a bit scared since it’s the first time using it. Renting a place from a complete stranger doesn’t sound too safe but all the good reviews makes me more confortable using it. Has anyone tried it before? So the plan is to go the first week of September. I like traveling during either March or September for two reasons: weather and cheaper tickets. I am very excited to finally go somewhere! I feel claustrophobic when I don’t go anywhere after a couple of months. Hopefully next year this won’t happen and I would get to travel more. I know I was in NY during memorial weekend and in Paris and Barcelona last year but when you are addicted, is not enough.

I decided to go through Fort Lauderdale International airport since it’s the cheaper airport and I have to make a layover anyway and it turned out was a lot cheaper. It saved me around $200 to $300. My ticked ended up being $1187  which is not bad considering that tickets to Seoul from LA cost around $900 and tickets to LA cost around $290.

My itinerary:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 9.02.13 PM

Oh by the way, you know how I complain all the time I don’t have time for anything? Well, I just got a puppy!!! Now any free me I managed to squeeze out, goes to her. If you want to mee her, her instagram acct is @lolalefrench (yes, I even created a Instagram acct for her) I always wanted a Frenchie and when I saw her, I couldn’t let go. She was so adorable when I first met her. Unfortunately, she won’t be coming with me to Seoul, although I heard they don’t need to be quarantined there so maybe some day.

I will keep posting as I plan the trip.


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