When was the last time?


It’s been a while since I last posted anything. I know, there goes my New Year’s resolution down the drain. My excuse is: I’ve been busy and I swear I still am. Well the good news is, I am planning a trip to Japan and Korea so more photos and details to come! the bad news is, I BARELY have time for anything now a days. I still though, need a stress releaser and the gym is not cutting it for me. So.. here I am, back to blogging as a way to distract my already busy mind. I feel like a headless chicken running all over the place (sorry for the descriptive image I just put in your head) but being this busy makes me feel disorganized. If you follow me on Instagram @InBetweenPics or Twitter you will know I’ve been around just not enough time to sit down and write or what I call spitting words out.  I really wish I could do more and show you guys but I don’t. I’m just either at work or at home (most of the time) working. OK enough boring stuff that nobody cares!

I swear I will have more interesting things coming soon.

So my summer plan:

I am planning to go to Korea and Japan for two weeks in June. I haven’t gotten the tickets yet since I’m waiting to see how many people will join me or until I get tired and say F@#@ it I will go by myself. Do you usually travel by yourself? Well the plan is to go to Japan for a week and go to Tokyo for a couple of days and then take the train and go to Osaka. Even though I’ve been to Osaka, I would like to go back since I don’t remember much of it ( I was 9 when I first went) and then, go for another week to Seoul. Tickets are going for around $1600 from LA to Tokyo to Seoul and back to LA. I know, I’m in Miami but I found out that tickets from LA are wayyyy cheaper than from Miami and by that I mean $1000 cheaper and trust me tickets from MIA to LA is not $1000 at most $400. I might stay some days in LA. I miss LA like nothing else in this world. Well so that’s my plan. What’s your plan? I might take some tips from you if you decide to share them or not.


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