Hidden Gem in Coconut Grove

Last Sunday, I went to try this bakery place in Coral Gables that was serving brunch but was completely disappointed. I am not going to mention them but if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (Both @InBetweenPics) you would know where I’m talking about. Since I was in the area, I decided to go to Coconut Grove to take some pictures and to check out what good restaurants were around. To my surprise, I found this park sort of hidden and unexpected, I literally just wondered in. Well maybe it’s well known and I just wasn’t aware of it. The Bernacle Park was a historic house built in 1892. It was so relaxing, I sat on the bench for a while just admiring the view. There was a small tour going on but it was a small group of people and doesn’t really disturb you if you are not interested.

If you are looking for something relaxing this is the perfect place.

Continue reading for all the pictures… 

IMG_9581 copy IMG_9548 copy IMG_9558 IMG_9562 copy IMG_9569 copy IMG_9572 copyIMG_9574 copy


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