Just A Friday

This last Friday I went to the first Jazz & Blues festival. They could have done a better job organizing it and getting more restaurants to participate.  The turn out could have been better. They decided to do it on the same Friday as the Miami Critical Mass (Thousands of people riding their bicycle on a different route every last Friday of the month) and Justin Bieber concert. It wasn’t too bad but I had average hope for this and they were not met. Hopefully next time will be better. But what I did get out of this event, I found some new places I will be checking out soon. There was this jazz place called Avenue D Jazz and & Blue Lounge. Apparently the owner of this place is the music composer for Soprano and Dexter (I saw the Emmy trophies on the display cabinet) and luckily when I was walking around, he was there. You will most likely see him there and I will quote him, he is “the guy that looks like the janitor” – I think this is a new place but I might be wrong.

The other thing I wanted to talk about it’s the Miami Critical Mass. I want to do it badly. But my excuse is, I don’t have a bike. I want to get a nice bike but $300 for a bike seems a little bit steep for me when I’m deciding to get another lens for the camera. I will probably rent one and see how it goes. I am determined to do it in February. If you are interested check out their website. It’s every last Friday of the moth.


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Look closely IMG_9473 copy Photobombing like a pro Untitled-1IMG_9471 copy IMG_9479 copy IMG_9484 copy aaaaUntitled-1


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