A Stroll in Downtown Miami

Yesterday was a weird day. I tried going to three different restaurants for brunch and they were either sold out on their egg benedicts (I’m partially to blame, I got up late), or they had to close because something happened in their kitchen, or they didn’t open?! I was really looking forward for the first one since I wanted to review it for my other blog. At the end, I gave up and ate at the restaurant next to the last one I tried.  It was nothing out this world but their natural juice was good. I am a big fan of fresh juice. After that, I took the mover back home and noticed two events going on at the Bayfront Park. One was a wellness fair (it was more drinking and music than wellness) and the second one was an art fair on a boat. Yes, you heard right. I really wanted to go to the art fair, until I realized the boat was filled with retired people most likely confusing the art boat with a casino boat. At the end I just walked back home and snapped some pictures.

If you like my pics you can follow me on twitter or Twitter both are @InBetweenPics In between Pictures was too long

IMG_9458 copy IMG_9466 copy IMG_9467 copy IMG_9470 copy IMG_9453 copy


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