A Day in Miami

Yesterday I did what I’ve been avoiding ever since I moved to Miami: The Rich and Famous house boat tour. For my own surprise, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. I had the night view of downtown and also a chance to snap some pictures. Before that, I had enough time to take some more pictures around Bayside. It was a very touristy experience that I don’t think I would be repeating any time soon. This is the kind of place I would show someone only if they beg me to but definitely not something I will take people to. It’s nice but I would not appreciate it if someone showed me these kinds of places. Ultra touristy.

Bayside Bayside 2 Downtown Night View

On a different note, the same day I discovered this little bar in downtown called The Corner. I loved the place. I really liked their lay back atmosphere and crowd. Not the typical Miami, or South Beach crowd or even Space crowd even though it was right next to it. (For you who don’t know, Space it’s a 3 levels club famous for its terrace after parties but famous in a bad way. My word of advice: STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.) They have a great beer selection and their drinks were not bad at all. Didn’t get to try their food but I will next time. The best thing about this place is: they open until 5am on Sundays! It made me feel like I was in a real city. I finally found a place that doesn’t close before 11pm.

Full disclosure: This is a hipster’s bar. It even has its own cat. Ha!

Cat Bar The Corner


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