Miami From Two Different Perspectives


I was reading the Huffington Post when I came across these two articles on Miami from two very different perspectives: A New Yorker writer that relocated to Miami and an Indie record business owner born and raised in Miami. I found them very interesting mainly because I share similar thoughts on Miami as both of them. I was born and raised in one country, moved to Miami and lived here for more than 5 years, also lived two years in LA and six months in Shanghai. I can say my point of view it’s a mix of both of them.

I have previously mentioned how this city has grown the last couple of years and I would love to see a bigger progress. But for that we need more talented, young, hip, crowd in Miami! If you meet these qualities, please move to Miami ASAP.

My Favorite part from the New Yorker:

Why do you hate Miami?
I hate Miami for all its potential. It has everything: gorgeous beaches, rich people, diverse people, lots of immigrants from all over, cheap cool places to live, perfect weather, an abandoned warehouse district… Miami could so easily become the new Berlin. But it’s not going to happen–yet.

Even that terrible man Sam Zell (blech) said he had to relocate his businesses out of South Florida because he couldn’t retain talent here. Right now, there’s very little business opportunity apart from where there is massive opportunity: banking, real estate, tourism, various and sometimes shady immigration-related businesses.

One huge problem with Miami’s development is that the smart kids either stay home and live with their parents now or they get the heck out of town. There can’t be a cool culture scene without young people living independently. They have to make neighborhoods.

In ten or twenty years, Miami might easily be the greatest, most interesting city on earth. All the ingredients are here! But then, fairly shortly after that, in the medium-term view, it’ll probably be under 3 feet of water, so it all might be too late.

You can read the whole article here

From the local:

Biggest misconception about Miami’s local music scene?
That it doesn’t exist, that it’s only Gloria Estefan, Tiesto and Rick Ross. For seven years now we’ve been living proof that that could not be further from the truth. We have amazing bands, scenes, festivals and a really unique camaraderie down here. Miami also has every other possible extrapolation of arts and culture, and a lot of it all blends into each other.

You can read the whole article here


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