Realistic New Year’s Resolution

Every year people make the same New Year resolution: start the gym, eat healthier, lose weight, learn a new language, and other nonsense that ends in failure. I, on the other hand, am going to do a To Do list: Things I want to accomplish this year. It makes more sense to have a year to work towards these goals instead of trying to do something for an entire year that could have easily started at any moment during the previous year. It’s not a good sign to wait for the new year to do something. That’s procrastination at its best.

To do list for 2013

  • Travel to a new country
  • Road trip
  • Snowboard
  • Do NOT stop blogging
  • Fill up a notebook – I have a tendency to use a couple of pages and start using another one
  •  Read a book – To finish it not to only start it and leave it

I will be updating this list with the dates I completed each. What’s your realistic New Year’s resolution?


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