Micro Theater – A New Form of Art

koubek center

Koubek Center – Photo Courtesy of Koubek Center

After years living in Miami, I have finally seen a major swift on what Miami really represents: A cultural hob that it’s slowly taking shape. A far cry from its spring break parties, electronic music festivals, and famed clubs. It still is but, and a big but, the cultural events has weighted heavier in the last couple of years. The reason why I say all these, it’s because I am very surprised that something so culturally innovative that just started a couple of years ago in Spain, is gaining so much support here in Miami: Microtreatro or Microtheater how it would be translated. I have mentioned it before but didn’t really went into details.

Microteatro started in Madrid in 2009 and consist of very short plays of 15 mins or so in a small room for around 15 people. The rooms are usually small and all black with some props. So how it works: there are several plays going on simultaneously and after each, you go to the common area where you wait for the next play and most of the time end up talking about it with other people. You can select which play to watch and pay for those only.

The common areas usually have food and drinks for you to enjoy while you wait or you can just hang out. It’s a small and cozy environment where they encourage discussion. Each play cost $5 at the Centro Cultural Español.

My first experience, I went to see a play written and directed by my friend. It was a bad idea to start with that one. Keep in mind this is a play where no more than 15 people are watching at a time, you are up close, and in a very small room. The play was about Auschwitz. Usually, plays starts once you are in the room but not this one. They started building up the tension from the line and all the way into the room. I still have the cold words echoing in my head. I have watched several documentaries about WWII, concentration camps, most of the related movies, wrote several essays on Auschwitz, I even took a holocaust class in college. So it’s not like it was a complete surprise. I knew how it was and yet I was shocked. The play was well written and the actors were amazing, but the claustrophobic feeling of the small room added an extra layer.

This is not a play for the faint hearted. The second time I saw this play, at the book fair, I was more interested in the spectators’ reaction. I felt bad for anold guy that kept looking at the floor because he was too afraid to make eye contact with one of the actors. It was interesting to see how other people reacted to the play.

Every month there are new theme and new plays. They have two different schedule

Fri – Sat 7 – 11 pm Sun 7 – 10 pm Prime Time

Fri – Sat 11 – 1 am  Golfa.

Plays are usually in Spanish but they also have in English on  Wed to Thur 8 to 11 pm.


October – November Theme: Because I get scared


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