Judging a book by its cover

A couple of weeks ago, was the Miami International Book Fair. It was a week long event culminating with three days of street fair with food, music, micro theater (I will get into details on this one later on), lots of free books signed by authors, and great discount.  I have to admit, I love books. I even created a book section on this blog (although it should be renamed to: books I buy but never “have time” to read) Going through all the different genres, authors, and readers, was refreshing from the usual Miami events.

There were several things noteworthy for me at the book fair. One was the McSweeney’s booth which is an independent publishing company based in San Francisco. They had the most creative designs on their books covers and magazines. When I spotted the booth, I knew whatever it was, it was from California. I have to confess, I did what most readers try to avoid doing: judge a book by its cover. It was impossible not to spot the unique design of the book’s cover and how beautiful it looked standing there in all its greatness. PLUS it was half price! How can I say no to that? I said to myself, worse case scenario, it will make a great coffee table book. It turned out (of course I went straight to Amazon to check the reviews) it had really good reviews. Days later, I find the book on the “10 Best Books of 2012” list on the New York Times. I have heard about the writer before but as a nonfiction reader, didn’t pay much attention. Maybe after I read the book, I will let you know if the cover match the content. So far, I am happy.

The second thing, and I will probably talk more about it on another post, it’s the Micro Theater. It’s a concept that started in Spain but it’s gaining popularity in Miami. The plays are usually presented at the Koubek Center but it was brought to the fair. Although, the actors had to work with whatever they could (plays are usually presented in a small room but instead they were presented inside a container – imagine the heat!) it was still a different and great experience. Not many people are familiar with the Micro Theater concept but rest assure it’s a different and sometimes intense experience. I will get into more details later on but for this post, this will do.

I can’t believe I just wrote a whole post about a book’s cover. But tell me, isn’t this cover genuinely creative and beautiful?

IMG_7908 copy IMG_7909 IMG_7910


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