Artsy Miami


Art Basel Miami Beach Photo

There are several events that just passed and others upcoming events that I would like to cover. Lets do one at a time. The most eminent event and by now, if you live in Miami and you don’t know anything about this event, you my friend, need to go out more and read some news. So, the most eminent event: Miami Art Basel. I am actually very excited for this event. The main reason is, not only is the convention going in the convention center, there is also events all over South Beach, Downtown, and in Art District going on as well. It’s like Miami decided to be the most artsy city in the US for three days by gathering artists from around the world in one spot. Additionally, the art video section is really neat (picture for reference if you haven’t noticed yet). Art videos are screened in the SoundScape Park, on the 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall of the New World Center. I just hope it doesn’t rain.  Art works by more than 2000 artist, certainly can’t miss that.

*Photo not by me


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