Miami – From a different perspective

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Did I mention I’m from Miami? Well I just did. When I was in between ideas on what to do with yet another blog, I couldn’t decide if I should make it about traveling (but then that requires funds and time. Which right now, I have neither) or about Miami. At the end, I decided it would be about both and some other ideas as well. The main reason why I wanted to do this blog about Miami, was after living in Shanghai for six months and then LA for two years, Miami seemed superficial to me. But I’m stocked here and have no choice but to try to find new things to do in this place beside partying in South Beach. I am on a personal quest to find new restaurants (aside from overpriced and tasteless food in South Beach), new bars, new cultural activities, or anything that FOR GOD’S SAKE does not involve clubbing or electronic music (Yes, I am talking about Winter Music Conference). I am glad to say, this city has surprised me. I have been living in Miami for more than seven years, but only in these last couple of years,I have seen it grown immensely in a artsy and cultural way. I would dare to say in a LA sort of way. Lets just put it this way: Summer camp the fat chick with pimples. After summer camp, the the fat chick lost tons of weight and her skin cleared up. (No offense to fat chicks with pimples, this is just for illustration purposes) I want to show everybody that Miami it’s not only about clubs and parties. I refuse to settle in a place where those two are the main attractions. So far I have discovered a new version of theater, hip restaurants, cool bars, art walk, FOOD TRUCK!! (I can’t say it’s the same as in LA but at least we have!) My only complain about this city is winter sports. I can’t snowboard but I have come to peace and settled for warm and beautiful beaches. Now my snowboard just stands in the corner of my closet with resentment.

Full disclosure: I do love South Beach and some of their overpriced restaurants (as long as they serve good food) but I want more. Is it too much to ask?

Full disclosure #2: I might have grammar errorssss but take it easy, English it’s my third language and as much as I proof read, I can’t spend 4 hours writing a post. This is not the New York Times.


2 thoughts on “Miami – From a different perspective

  1. thecollectiveplate says:

    I know what you mean about Miami being “superficial”. The good news is there are a lot of areas in Miami that are less flashy than South Beach and you won’t have to worry about bumping into tourists. Wynwood is buzzing now and so is the Design District. Every 2nd Saturday of month is Art Walk in Wynwood, all the local galleries are open until 12am and a lot of them serve complimentary wine. Midtown has a lot of great restaurants and bar/lounges popping up. You can also try Mary Brickell Village, but the crowd is a hit or miss. You will definitely find locals at Brickell, but some of them think they are better then everyone else. It still beats South Beach, Hope this helped!

    • In Between Pictures says:

      Yeah, I have been going to the Ar Walk every other month and I really liked the atmosphere. I tend to compare a lot, and I find this one very nice with the music and how they integrate food and restaurants into the whole scene but the Art itself needs to catch up to the Downtown Los Angeles one. But I won’t complain it’s a start. I am aslo very excited with all the bars and restaurants popping up in Design District and the downtown area. The are several places I found that I really liked that haven’t blogged about (promise I will, eventually) that it’s so different from flashy South Beach. I am, little by little, finding all these new places. Thanks for the suggestion!

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